"Our Bay cruise party was so private and memorable. We could have booked a room at a restaurant or hotel, but this was so much more. It's like a floating hotel with priceless views... like a mini vacation!"

- Brenda M., San Francisco

"We took our honeymoon on Just Dreaming and visited the Wine Country. What a sophisticated way to unwind after all the madness...and then end up in Napa to enjoy fantastic restaurants and of course...the wine."

- John and Lilly K., Santa Barbara, CA

"My father spent a lot of time at sea while in the Marine Corp. He told us stories about the San Francisco Bay port and we believe he would have wanted us to memorialize him in this way from such an elegant and nostalgic vessel."

- Douglas L., Phoenix AZ

"A wonderful experience that my clients remind me of again and again. The Just Dreaming yacht has been restored to her original beauty and is a class act way to entertain."

- Art Lesmez, Attorney, Sacramento