Private Ash Scattering On The Bay

May I Introduce Our Memorial Services On San Francisco Bay

What is the perfect place to hold a memorial to honor a special person in your life?  Just Dreaming Yacht Charters would like to help set the stage for that to occur. Memorials on the Bay can be a great way to honor a loved one that has passed.

Take your loved one to their final resting place at one of the most beautiful places in the world. Placing their ashes in the Bay or at the Golden Gate Bridge is a stunning setting. Memorials on the Bay provides the opportunity to find peace as you lay them to rest for an eternity.  When we are talking about their final resting place, it needs to be special as it is forever.  Any one of us would want our loved ones to pay this level of attention to this detail.

And it is not just for them, it includes our expression of our own feelings for that person.  How we know we did the right thing, that we went above and beyond, every time we see a photo or replica of the Golden Gate Bridge.

A Time Where Peace is Needed Most

The time you spent with them was treasured.  It is important that you find a magnificent final resting place. Memorials on the Bay provide you with the calming setting of the ocean backdrop as you say goodbye. Many people connect deeply with the beauty expressed from majestic images out on the San Francisco Bay. For some, allowing their loved ones to rest near the Golden Gate Bridge is a reminder of all of the beautiful moments that were shared.

Our hope is that the private moment a yacht charter on the Bay provides will be of comfort to you and your loved ones in these difficult times.

Beautiful Locations to Help with Closure

As you make plans for the final resting place, we hope to be a helping hand in getting to the perfect location.   Letting go isn’t easy.  And bringing closure for you may well be created by bringing your loved one to the Golden Gate Bridge or another amazing setting. The imagery experienced on the Bay in San Francisco can provide a comforting reminder of the beauty that life holds.

Your Own Peace of Mind and Experience In Letting Go Is So Important

We cannot emphasize enough how this final goodbye will mean everything.  Relationships don’t end, they just change form.  How you continue to remember your loved one, how you will continue to relate to that memory and know that you did something very special for that loved one will sit with you forever.   Saying this final goodbye may well be the moment you need to bring closure and move on for you and the relationship of how you hold that person’s memory. Choose wisely as it will have meaning forever.

Video Of The Service And The Scattering

We know this is a very eventful day.  Many may not even remember all that was said and done to memorialize and show respects for your loved one.  Often, we are asked to video some or all that we can to be able to present it for your viewing later. During Memorials on the Bay,  we will attempt to capture as much as we can and email it to you for your files after our day together. Please let us know in advance if we can help you in this regard.

Special Services For Military and Government Employees

When we plan for internment, there are a few groups which merit a different consideration.  Those in the military or retired may rest easier with a solemn ceremony scattering their ashes as we play “Taps,” and record the event so we can send you back a video of the service for your files.  Just ask and we can make that happen.

What Memorials on the Bay Include

Each yacht charter is exclusive to your party of 40 or less.

We endeavor to comply with local regulations for scattering ashes.

Each trip is 2.5 hours long or more, depending on what you want.

Call us today to check on prices and availability.

Hospitality Food, beverage and chef services are sold separately from the yacht charter service.