Junior Pirate birthday

A Junior Pirate birthday party with Señor Pirate

oho, Yoho, it’s a pirate’s life for me. Your child finds Long John Silver’s hidden treasure map floating in a bottle in San Francisco Bay. It is clearly marked as it comes out of the bottle within X where the treasure is right on Angel Island. He or she and ten friends travel by Just Dreaming to Angel Island to find the buried hidden treasure. As they approach the lair of the pirate they find a chest hidden under a tree. The big black chest contains the treasures of the players. As they begin to carry away the Pirates treasure they hear the voice. “RRRRRrrrr you little landlubbers trying to steal my treasure? Well, I will run you through!” The battle of wits is on. The children ultimately convince the pirate that the reason he is a mean, nasty, ugly, old pirate is because he never learned to share when he was a child. The children come to the pirate one by one to explain the virtues of sharing with their friends and neighbors. Slowly but surely the Pirate opens his chest and each child gets a black eye patch, a red bandanna, Mardi Gras beads, stickers, wash off tattoos, and ultimately 2 handfuls of Jolly rancher candy. The day only get sweeter from there.

  • The yacht is exclusive for your party of up to 49
  • Trip Duration 7 hours (2 hours on water & 5 hours at Angel Island)
  • Price Call for availability
  • Hospitality Food, beverage and chef services separate