From the Galley: Tom Kha Gai

One of the biggest hits from our galley on board Just Dreaming is our Tom Kha Gai soup. Also known as Thai Chicken Coconut Soup, this dish is flavorful, delicious, and exotic. It is a perfect dish on the yacht when the cold wind kicks up.

“Tom Kha Gai Soup” literally means “chicken galangal soup.” It is based on the 19th Century Siamese recipe, Tom Kha, a dish of chicken or duck served in a coconut broth flavored with galangal, a spice in the ginger family with hints of citrus and sweetness. It was then paired with a chili jam, similar to sweet chili sauce. Moving into the 20th century, the dish morphed into Tom Kha Gai, a mainstay in Thai and Lao cuisine.

The main ingredients are coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, mushrooms, and chicken. It can be mild and delicately spiced or set your mouth on fire spicy. We will make it to your liking.

When we first had it, we were sitting on the deck, watching the sunset just approaching the Golden Gate Bridge. It was awe inspiring. With the beauty of the ocean, the hills, the bridge, a slight breeze, and the delightful spice and warmth of the soup, we found ourselves completely in the present, all of our senses engaged.

It made for a perfect escape from the day to day. And as we wound back around the bay, passing Angel Island, Sausalito, and back toward the city, we enjoyed the glory of the skyline, the pleasure of each other’s company, our friends and family: the crew of Just Dreaming.

There really is nothing like the smell of ocean air, the view of the bay, the feel of the breeze in contrast with the smells, taste and warmth of the soup. The powerful combination brings you right into the present. This is living!

On your next trip onto the bay with us, order it in advance, or any of our custom menu options.