Golden Gate Bridge

Just Dreaming Yacht Charter Destinations – Horseshoe Cove

One of the many hidden treasures the Bay Area has to offer is Horseshoe Cove next to the North tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It has breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a favorite destination among our yacht charter guests, whether they are heading out to Cavallo Point to stay in one of their luxurious suites or to go out dancing at the Travis Marina Bar, just upstairs from the Presidio Yacht Club.

I often reflect on our our last visit to Horseshoe Cove. I took the crew over for an evening of dancing and watching the sun set beyond the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was a beautiful day with a light breeze to soften the warmth of the sun. We set out from Pier 40, cruising by Treasure Island and admiring the view of the city as the crew relaxed on the deck, enjoying their time on the water.

Humpback whales seen from Just Dreaming yacht charter

As we made our way out toward Angel Island, we heard a view gasps of excitement coming from the port side of Just Dreaming. I took a quick glance and spotted the most amazing thing: a humpback whale! Humpback whales have not been particularly common inside the Bay, but, over the past couple of years we’re seeing more and more of them coming in to feast on anchovies. And what a site!

We slowed for a bit to watch before continuing our journey out to Horseshoe Cove.

Humpback Whales under Golden Gate Bridge from Just Dreaming Yacht

As we cruised out under the Golden Gate bridge, we spotted two swimming side by side gracefully through the water. We recognized them as Harry and Meghan, our own San Francisco royalty. After seeing them a couple of weekends in a row, always out under the bridge, our crew named them Harry and Meghan. We’ve seen them every weekend since. Each time, our yacht charter guests have been wowed and touched by their beauty as they watch them swimming together.

Just Dreaming Yacht Charter docked at Presidio Yacht Charter

After spending some time watching them and enjoying the bridge up close, we turned back into the bay and headed toward the dock at the Presidio Yacht Club. After docking, we escorted our crew up to the Travis Marina Bar. It was early enough that we were about to get ourselves a table overlooking the water for the sunset, with plenty of tables for our guests and other revelers yet to arrive.

As the sun began to set, we ordered some delicious burgers and drinks and waited for the Jamie Clark Band, a local rock group, to come on.

When it was all over, we relaxed on the deck bundled up, admiring the San Francisco skyline as we meandered back to Pier 40. Everyone had a marvelous, relaxing, and fun time. It’s experiences like this that make our work so fun. We hope to see you on board Just Dreaming Yacht Charter soon, for dancing, whale watching, dining, and more

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