Just Dreaming Yacht Charter – Tours of the Bay – Escape from Alcatraz

About once a month we spot swimmers crossing the Bay from Alcatraz Island as we take our guests on a tour of the bay. They always ask about them. We’re proud to tell them about a few of our crew members making the journey as part of the “Take the Rock ” Veteran Swim Challenge in the Fall, open to veterans from every branch of the military, which is one of many annual Escape from Alacatraz style events.


Of course, that opens the conversation to the best-known escape from Alacatraz. It was carried out by Frank Morris, John and Clarence Anglin, and Allen West on June 11, 1962. Seeing the swimmers gets our parties talking about this famed event, from the intricate details of the Papier Mache heads they made to place on the beds to buy time, to the letter received by SFPD in 2018 from John Anglin, postmarked Brasilia.  We love getting to talk about the history of the island and the many recreations from Mythbusters to the 1979 film with Clint Eastwood.

We tell our parties that now, 45 years later, any well-trained swimmer can recreate the escape from Alcatraz. This always comes as such a surprise. After years of hearing about so many failed attempts, learning that so many people have done the swim lends credence to the tale. And, of course, this sighting is only one of many as we cruise the bay. From San Francisco to Tiburon to Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge and back, our guests always have a great time on board Just Dreaming Yacht.